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We are a full Chimney Masonry Repair Company servicing the greater area's of Salem, Oregon

Listed below is some of the repair work that we most commonly do.

Chimney Rebuilding
We can do full tear downs and rebuilds of all your chimney needs. Our Mason's are some of the best in Salem, Oregon and there is no job too little or to small for us to handle. You can view our portfolio pictures to see our Mason's Quality of work.

One of the most common repairs that we do. Tuck-Pointing is the process of grinding out all loose or cracked joints and than refilling them with new mortar. This is usually the most cost effective way to save a chimney and to repair just the area's that have damage.

Crown Repair
The Crown of the Chimney is made with a special type of mortar and is the very top layer of mortar. The top layer of mortar holds the chimney together and helps keeps rain from penetrating inside the chimney. The Crown also hold together Flue Tiles and helps to keep everything together in one piece.

Chimney Flashing is one of the most common area's for a leaking chimney. Having proper flashing in place and in good shape can save you thousands of dollars in repair cost to your home. Proper Flashing around a chimney includes two layers of protection. The first layer of protection is called the "Step Flashing". This is sections of Sheet Metal that are lapped up from the roof, up the sides of the Chimney.

Next Comes the Counter Flashing. This layer of Stainless Steel Flashing is embedded in the Chimney Mortar Joints and folded down to cover the top of the step flashing. The corners are especially vulnerable. We cut and bend the metal around each corner. We also Caulk the flahsing to help add to the protection and to help keep water from penetrating. Caul can work itself loose over time, so make sure to inspect every year to help protect your house and chimney. However, Caulking the Flashing is not a substitute for properly overlapped flashing on a chimney! Just another layer of protection. There is nothing worse than a leaky Chimney to drain the pocket book.

Waterproffing the Chimney
Did you know that there is approximately 40 million Masonry Chimney's in the United States? and the most common problem with these Chimney's is Water Penetration? Water causes over 1 billion dollars a year in damages in the form of: Staining, Loss of Insulation Value, Freeze-thaw damage, deterioration, and ultimately structural failure.

All new and existing masonry chimney's are susceptible to water damage and, even if repaired, chimney's will continue to deteriorate unless they are protected with ChimneySavor, which comes with a 15 year Warranty. The ChimneySavor Repellent is the first Water Repellant specifically developed to protect Chimneys from severe weather condidtions to which they are exposed especially being here in the Northwest.

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