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Fireplace Repair, Salem

A fireplace should never be used if it is in need of repair. Smooth surfaces within the fireplace and flue contribute to optimal venting; fireplace repairs left unfixed can compromise your venting, bringing harmful gases into your home.

A common fireplace repair is the restoration of the firebox brickwork. We will inspect your fireplace masonry and suggest a course of action; some restoration repairs include replacing mortar between the joints while others may require a full rebuild.

Another common fireplace repair is replacing or fixing the damper. The damper, made of metal, can begin to warp over years decreasing the efficiency of its seal. A damper replacement will pay for itself in energy savings.

Are you having trouble getting your fire to start or keeping it going? Is your fireplace smoking? Is there a bad odor coming from your fireplace during the summer months? It may be time to call a chimney and fireplace specialist. We can attend to all your fireplace repairs, these and more.

Chimcare is a licensed fireplace repair company that has been in business in the Portland area for over 20 years. We travel throughout the Salem area, visiting homes in Monmouth, Keizer, Dallas, Stayton and Silverton. Call us for your chimney and fireplace repairs, including, but not limited to, fireplace restoration, damper repair, leak repair, chimney restoration, liner replacement or waterproofing.