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Fireplace Construction, Salem

Fireplace construction is the building of the firebox on-site using masonry materials like brick or stone. Safety measures are particularly important when it comes to fireplace construction, so hiring an experienced mason that specializes in fireplace construction is the best route to take to ensure that you will not need to have the work redone.

If you think about it, it is pretty amazing that we have fires in our homes. After centuries of optimization, fireplaces are now designed with near-perfect dimensions for venting, and use heat-resistant materials that have been engineered to increase safety and longevity of the fireplace and chimney.

Chimcare is a masonry contractor that specializes in chimneys and fireplaces. We are primarily concerned with your safety and have 20+ years of continually elevating our standards. We would be happy to inspect your fireplace and give you an estimate for either its restoration or for a new fireplace construction. Our service neighborhood includes Salem and its surrounding cities, including Monmouth, Keizer, Dallas, Stayton and Silverton.