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Chimney Flashing, Salem

Chimney flashing is a waterproof material that provides leak protection at construction seams. If you noticed moisture in your attic or in the interior wall near your fireplace, your flashing may need to be replaced. We will carefully inspect your home to identify where your leak originates and make recommendations for flashing repair.

Chimney flashing is installed at the chimney where it intersects the roof, at the base of the chimney where it meets the foundation, and in the chimney crown where it seals the space between the flue liner and the chimney.

Trust Chimcare of Salem for all your chimney flashing needs. We have 20 years of chimney flashing repair expertise under our belt. We are fully licensed and insured and offer a full-line of services including leak repair and flashing installation. Don’t put off having your chimney leak repaired. Moisture in your attic and walls can cause considerable and expensive damage and lead to unhealthy mold conditions and costly replacement of roofing ect.

Chimcare travels throughout the Salem area, visiting homes in Monmouth, Keizer, Dallas, Stayton and Silverton.