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Brick Chimney, Salem

A brick chimney should last 20-25 years before needing restoration. If mortar joints begin to crumble they may leave way for water penetration and accelerated decay. Signs of masonry deterioration include chipping of the brick or mortar, or mortar that is sagging out.

Restoration of a brick chimney begins with the careful scraping out of the mortar to a depth 1/2 inch. Chimcare uses grinding tools that ensure a consistent depth. They then fill the seams with carefully matched mortar. The result is a brick chimney that looks like new and will last for another 25 years.

Waterproofing the brickwork will extend a newly restored or constructed chimney by approximately 10 years. Chimcare uses Chimney Saver Water Repellent. It has been shown to reduce water penetration by 90%. It is Chimcare’s waterproofing agent of choice because it allows trapped water within the brick to escape. Other waterproofing sealants do not allow this one-way moisture removal and end up contributing to higher moisture content within the chimney flue.

Chimcare Salem’s Chimney Sweep and Masonry Company is a licensed masonry company that travels throughout the Salem areas doing brick chimney repair, visiting homes in Monmouth, Keizer, Dallas, Stayton and Silverton. We are backed by 20 years of experience. Call us for your chimney and fireplace repairs, including, but not limited to, fireplace restoration, damper repair, leak repair, chimney restoration, liner replacement or waterproofing.