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Welcome to Salem Chimney Sweep and Masonry Repair Company.

We service the greater Salem, Keizer, Monmouth, Silverton, Dallas and surrounding areas of the great state of Oregon.  We clean or sometimes referred to as sweeping Open Fireplaces, Woodstoves, Pellet Stoves, Gas Stoves, Oil Stoves and Cookstoves.  We also offer chimney inspections as part of our service for chimney cleanings and chimney sweeping.

Salem Chimney Sweep also specializes in Chimney Repair or sometimes referred to as Masonry Repair.  We have licensed Brick Mason's who do amazing work!  Our Masonry Contractors really pride themselves on being the best Chimney Repair Specialists in Salem.  We also offer free Chimney Repair Estimates so don't hesitate to call us. In being Masonry Contractors we specialize in fireplace repairs, Fireplace Rebuilds, Chimney Flashing Repair and Replacment, Tuck-pointing, Crown Repair, Brick Repair and Chimney Caps.

Call Today and we will setup a time for you and one of our Certified Chimney Experts to meet you on the property to discuss your chimney repair needs.

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